Slow leather: designed and crafted in Mallorca

Small Workshop
Made in a small workshop in Mallorca
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Small Workshop
Unique handmade sandals
Leather workshop
Your unique handmade sandals
Unique handmade sandals
Join our sandal workshop!
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If we talk about fashion I think about design, custom, patterns, sustainability, comfort, easy to wear

Hi, I’m Martina Candela

Born in Italy around the 90’s.
After studying economics and working in an office I needed a change. Life brought me here in Mallorca.

After taking a leather bag to a street market to get it fixed, I became fascinated by the artful process of creation from raw materials.
Now I design and handcraft personal leather goods in a small studio close to Palma. 

Let’s make it custom…

When people come to my studio I like to create a connection with them… it’s how we can make their unique product together.
For many people the personalisation is so important.
People started to ask for me especially for custom sandals.

Sharing the process

With time I could realize that they love to take part in the whole creation process…so the idea of offering workshops where people can come to make their own product. 

Far away from a rush world the sandal making process wants to be an experience in which we don’t just make a shoe and share our craft skills…

We’ll try to go deep into the slow work, improving our patience and enjoying all the steps of the process. That’s life.